Loans at Reasonable Cost

Annual Interest :
Tenure :
90 Days
  • Illustration

  • Loan purpose : Shopping
  • Borrow : 35,000
  • Interest Amount : 3,107
  • Total amount payable : 38,107 in 3 Instalments
  • Cost per EMI : 12,702
Annual Interest :
Tenure :
182 Days
  • Illustration

  • Loan purpose : Travel
  • Borrow : 60,000
  • Interest Amount : 8,975
  • Total amount payable : 68,975 in 6 Instalments
  • Cost per EMI : 11,496
Annual Interest :
Tenure :
366 Days
  • Illustration

  • Loan purpose : Personal Loan
  • Borrow : 1,00,000
  • Interest Amount : 24,066
  • Total amount payable : 1,24,066 in 12 Instalments
  • Cost per EMI : 10,339

Why Choose Phocket

  Get instant personal loans easily online

Getting the best personal loan deals is now just a click away. Download the PHOCKET mobile app or continue on this website. Follow the steps which include basic details filling & document uploading. Your loan amount eligibility will be automatically generated. You can then apply for a specific amount & get it processed within minutes. Apply now!

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No kidding. PHOCKET brings you the best personal loan deals that will be credited into your bank account within minutes of filing the application. Our team works on short-term loan requirements 24/7. The approval and disbursement process happens quickly. Apply now!

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Data is the new oil & so it must be preserved. Get an instant personal loan with PHOCKET without worrying about your data. We follow stringent data protection laws while providing the best personal loan deals. Start your short-term loan application process now!

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Monday to Friday, 10 to 4, minus an hour of lunch? Does this remind or rather irritate you of something? Worry not. Getting your instant personal loan with PHOCKET is possible around the clock. Whether it is the middle of the night or early in the morning, our personal loan deals are accessible all the time. Yes, even during lunch break!

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The financial jargons and complications often worry most. Hence, we avoid banks or credit cards as much as possible. With PHOCKET, there is total transparency while getting your instant personal loan online. Your short-term loan deals clearly state the interest charges upfront. No hidden charges, only an invisible hand of support.

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Short-term loans or instant cash always come with excessive interest rate charges and what not! Remember when last time you missed your credit card payment or withdrew cash from it? When in an emergency, get an instant personal loan from PHOCKET at very low-interest rates. Our personal loan deals are there to help you out, not catch you in.

Our Process is Easy

process 1
- Start your loan application
- A simple form-filling to let it begin. After all, we'd love to know you well!
- Your instant personal loan journey begins with a short form filling. We cover your basic details like identification and earnings. These little details will help you give the best personal loan deals. Get your fingers to type now.

process 2
- Sit back while we check your credit
- Check-ups are most important and more so is Credit Check
- Our advanced AI-driven technology will automatically do your credit check. It is all on us while you watch your personal loan process unfolds on your screen. It is the simplest check-up you would have gone through. We promise!

process 3
- Disbursing the loan now
- Yes, we have not missed steps in between
- Get an instant personal loan in your bank account even before you take a power nap. If we don't process your short-term loans instantly, what is the use? Ready, Get set & Go got real even in the personal loan world now. Thanks, Team PHOCKET later.

Benefits of Taking a Loan

Loans bridge the gap between your future earnings and current expenditure. Loans have various forms, like credit cards, borrowing, advances, etc. With changing times, instant cash is needed frequently, whether to shop or to pay medical bills. In such cases, short-term loans are important. What better than getting them instantly, online, and at low-interest rates? Check out the best personal loan deals by PHOCKET.

Purpose of Taking a Loan

Get an instant personal loan to serve from
everything to anything


EMI or Card Payment

Take a short term loan to pay off expensive credit card debt or to not miss an EMI


Personal Use Loan

Best personal loans are now available from PHOCKET for any purpose that goes beyond normal planning


Medical Emergency Loan

Health cannot wait so won't the hospital. PHOCKET process instant loan within minutes


Travel and Holiday Loan

Got a sudden plan invite but the salary is still far away? Never mind & apply for a short term loan


Household Expense Loan

Got something damaged or planned renovation because in-laws are coming? Get an instant personal loan for a makeover


Festival and Celebration Loan

Festivities must not stop at any cost. Anyway, PHOCKET's instant personal loan comes at a low-interest cost


Shopping Loan

Impulsive or a good deal? Urgent or just cannot miss? Let PHOCKET process your instant personal loan online while you wait at the billing counters' queue


Marriage Loan

There is a reason why we call it the great Indian wedding? Let PHOCKET join your celebration by making you stress-free. Apply for the best personal loan deals now


Education Fees Loan

Education Fee & associated expenses are in large sums and uncovered by any loan. Get your education going with PHOCKET's instant personal loan


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How Phocket is Using Technology to Make Financial Services Available to Young & Smart Indians

FinTech, as the name suggests is aiding financial activities with the help of technology - whether it's online payments, booking tickets, shopping or even availing loans, something previously thought as tedious and not possible with just the click of few buttons.

Promoting Financial Wellness at Workplace

Financial Wellness as a term has gained significant traction recently. From the definition perspective, Financial Wellness is the process of planning and managing one's finances (expenses) in such a way that he/she do not have financial issues under any circumstances.


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